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With Legality you can create precise legal documents in record time.

Compare all your advantages at a glance here.

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Create your own templates with AI

With its clear user interface, Legality allows you to easily automate your own contracts and documents - without writing a single line of code. The special thing about it: The artificial intelligence recognizes the variable content in your document and creates a questionnaire based on it. It is also possible to create even complex rules, e.g. to only use specific contractual clauses under certain conditions. You always retain full control through the live view of the document. Annoying typos and incorrect declensions are a thing of the past with Legality.


Use our Legality template catalog

Do you urgently need a template, e.g. for an employment contract, but don't have one at hand? No problem – Legality provides you with a basic set of common everyday contracts. These are written and checked by our lawyers. You choose the type of contract you want and all you have to do is fill out the questionnaire. Your contract will be ready for you to sign within record time. Your advantage: You can format it according to your needs and store your own corporate design . If you are satisfied, the document can be exported in the desired file format.

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Maximum security
of your data

Security is Legality's top priority. We therefore rely on the latest technologies and processes. Your data is transmitted encrypted and cannot be viewed, so that confidentiality is maintained. The artificial intelligence used in automation functions in a closed system so that no data is passed on to third parties. Our server location is in Switzerland. If desired, our application can also be installed on your company's own servers.

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The ideal price package for your firm

Not every company has the same needs when it comes to document creation. We are aware of this: That is why we have made our pricing flexible and transparent. We offer various packages tailored to your company. This means you only pay for the services you really need. We offer you a unique price-performance ratio on the Swiss market. But compare for yourself and take a look at our packages:

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You have full control over your documents

Finally order in the hodgepodge of contracts and documents? No problem – your documents can be managed intelligently with Legality. This puts an end to the long search for a document template. You also control who in your company has access to your files and templates and who can edit them independently.

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Support and constant updates

Thanks to the strong combination of our team's technical and legal know-how, you will receive competent advice if you have any questions. It is important to us to offer you the ideal user experience, which is why we are constantly working on new functions and updates. Suggestions, requests and criticism are therefore very welcome!

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