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Automate your documents in record time.
With the help of

We find writing contracts to be time-consuming and error-prone.

Legality's clever automation technology offers the solution.

This is how legality works:
three simple steps

Legality can be used flexibly
as a browser application or as an add-in for Microsoft Word.



Upload with drag-and-drop or create in the text editor

Upload an existing document (e.g. a contract, a data protection declaration, an offer) or create your document with the desired content directly in the legality text editor. The common file formats (PDF, Word) are supported.


AI comes into play

The artificial intelligence recognizes the information in the document that is variable for the future creation of the document and uses it to create a document template with an interactive  questionnaire. You always retain control – both over the content of the document and over your data.


Filling out the questionnaire

To finally create the desired document, just fill out the questionnaire and the document will be created in real time. You have everything under control thanks to the live view. Now you can export the document in the desired file format (Word, PDF) and sign it directly.

Our customers

Why Legality?


"As trustees, we at arwan Beratungen AG create a large number of legally binding documents for our consulting mandates. This used to be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With the user-friendly application from Legality, we have found an innovative and easy-to-use automation solution for our everyday business. This speeds things up massively and at the same time, for example, annoying typos are eliminated."


Franz v. Sägesser
Arwan Beratungen AG

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